Following the successful management of Public Funds, IIM continues to provide a new service called Portfolio Management Service.  This is an unique financial service that the company has deployed since 2008 to serve the unique investment needs of each different customer.

IIM's Portfolio Management Service will, on behalf of clients, implement investment objectives according to each individual needs.  In particular, IIM is entrusted to invest and manage assets entrusted by customers, thus helping customers have more time to focus on their main business.  Before participating in this service, depending on the risk tolerance of the investor, our dynamic management team will advise and propose a specific implementation plan based on the investment objectives of  maximize your profit or seek stable, long-term income.

The customers that we focus on include individual investors and legal entities with large capital and domestic and foreign financial institutions.

1- Full trust asset management

Asset management invested in a securities portfolio is a service that IIM will provide the management of investments in a mixed portfolio of stocks including stocks and bonds.  The ratio of asset allocation to securities in the portfolio will depend on the client's risk tolerance and investment goals.  This service-generated portfolio meets a variety of customer needs from investing to maximizing profits to creating a portfolio that delivers stable, long-term income.

Depending on the risk tolerance of each business or individual, IIM will advise on the type of portfolio suitable for each different investment objective.  Here are some typical portfolios that we have implemented, however, depending on the specific requirements of investors, the portfolios can be adjusted to meet investment goals in the most effective way.  

2- Designated property management

Depending on specific requirements, IIM can manage assets from portfolio construction, investment execution, portfolio management to portfolio divestment according to specific instructions from home.  invest.  This service allows clients to participate to varying degrees in investment decision making and investment execution.

With this service, IIM can act on behalf of investors to carry out works such as share auctions (IPO), share transactions at stock exchanges, participate in private placement ...

This service helps investors to achieve specific goals while leveraging our company's skills and experience in asset valuation, pricing and negotiation with issuers.  

3-  Investment method

Setting up, managing, and tracking a portfolio is an ongoing process when implementing a portfolio management service.  Currently, the investment process is divided according to each stage that we are applying.

Investors wishing to learn about this service, please contact us for specific advice for your different investment needs.


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